My objective is to help you with your TSP and retirement planning, and it's important I alert you to this extremely important resource.

One of the best places to find out information about federal retirement is the FERSGUIDE.  This is a comprehensive document that explains the numerous issues regarding retirement.  It is written by a retired FBI Agent and CPA named Dan Jamison.  I have been following FERSGUIDE for years and have found no other document that gives you such up to date and essential retirement information.


Getting ready for retirement is a tremendous change in your life and the FERSGUIDE breaks down this process into many different sections.  I constantly referred to this document when I was preparing for retirement and still use it today even after I have retired.  

Understanding the whole retirement process is a lot to digest.  Don't try to tackle all the moving parts at once and give yourself plenty of time.  Even if you don't understand all the terms and issues that is explained in the FERSGUIDE, I tell people to try to concentrate on one section at a time until you thoroughly understand the issues, then move on to the next section.  I have had to read certain sections of the FERSGUIDE several times just because some of the issues are very technical and this may be the first time encountering this subject matter.

For only a few dollars you get a very good picture of the issues surrounding the federal retirement process.  This is a cheap price to pay for all this information!  If you have a question about the FERSGUIDE, Dan will answer your questions as long as you subscribe to his newsletter.  I found the FERSGUIDE to be more streamlined and easier to understand than most government manuals.

I don't get paid by FERSGUIDE to advertise this document.  I just really believe you need to get as much information as possible before your retirement and the FERSGUIDE is a must read for every federal employee to help prepare you for that transition.