For anyone interested in getting additional financial planning in areas other than TSP/Federal/Military Retirement material, try contacting my friend:

SUNSHINE TAN, CFP, CDFA, License: 0E82239.  She is a dedicated professional with years of experience, willing to give you her time and expertise on a variety of financial planning topics, including investment advising, estate planning, budgeting, credit counseling, insurance, 401k style creation and planning for businesses, taxes, and a variety of other topics.  SUNSHINE cares about you and will patiently listen and address your financial needs and questions, so that she can give you a premier service.

SUNSHINE can be contacted at:  Cell phone 949-231-8888.

SUNSHINE's website is:

I realize there could be other areas of financial planning that you may need other than TSP/Federal/Military Retirements, so I decided to include SUNSHINE's contact info here just in case you need some extra help in different areas of financial planning.